Personal Dev + Empowerment
6 weeks to knowing and nurturing your best self


Do you often ask yourself: What am I doing with my life and what the hell do I want?

It's frustrating because it feels like you've done everything “right.” You worked hard in school.  You got the great job (that makes everyone jelly).  You dress for success. You go on Instagram-worthy vacations. You have MADE IT!

Pop that champs and roll out the red carpet! WOOOO!

But it's not the dance party it looks like on paper, is it?  You don't FEEL as successful or as fulfilled as you thought you would at this point in your life.


Here’s a latte, pull up a chair and tell me, do you feel....

  • Like you're drowning in quicksand. Whether you can’t seem to hit that next milestone at work or you want to leave that job all together, you feel stuck. You’re ready for that next challenge, a job where you can use your unique genius, and a weekends not ruined by the Sunday scaries.
  • Ready to make a real impact. You know you have the power to do BIG things in the world, but it feels like there are blocks and limitations (internal and external) that keep getting in the way.
  • A teensy bit nervous. You've never done personal development before, and it feels weird to spend so much time and money on yourself. You want to give it a go, but this is some serious outside-your-comfort-zone stuff!  
  • Out of balance. You've worked hard your whole life, but now you realize that your personal life has taken a backseat. You're running on fumes and ready to enjoy your hard work.
  • Lost. Lost. Lost. You know you're meant for more, but you have NO idea what that is. It's hard to make an action plan when you don't even know your goal! You need a damn map, and you need it NOW.
  • Comfortable. If you’re being really honest, you have it pretty damn good right now. So the thought of making any changes or taking out-of-your-comfort-zone leaps, feels mighty scary.


Deep down you know you're meant to live a life of passion and purpose, but you’re afraid you’ve drifted from your dreams along the way.

But I am here to let you in on a little secret: the biggest growth happens in the zone of discomfort.

Yep, just like in spin class, if it doesn't burn, it’s not working! #nopainnogain


Want some good news? You are 100% capable of getting back on track!

Seriously? Hell YES.


Take a minute and imagine the world where you...

  • Do work you LOVE on the daily.  You’re in the driver's seat of your destiny and it feels sooo right!
  • Define success by the impact you create, not just by the money you make. You make it rain with purpose!
  • Operate in your zone of genius, and it leaves you energized, not drained. You maximize your efforts in a way that allows your life to be perfectly balanced, like a well mixed martini. No need to feel like you're running on E trying to do everything!   
  • Have a clear vision of your future! You know exactly where you’re going and your path is clear of blocks and limiting beliefs!
  • Are a trailblazing rebel. You take BIG action to accomplish your goals and confidently push forward with intention and passionate purpose! know amazing life you just imagined? It can totally be yours. #truestory!


You already have everything you need; you just need a little help uncovering all this unbelievable potential.

**Drumroll please**

Introducing my 1:1 coaching program, Personal Dev + Empowerment: 6 Weeks to Knowing and Nurturing Your Best Self!

This program is all about helping you rediscover your passion, enliven your purpose, and take concrete steps towards executing your dreams.

Each week we'll meet over Skype (or phone for the camera-shy) for a focused, self-discovery packed discussion, and I'll provide you with proven action plans to guide you towards your short and long term goals.

I’m here to give you all the right steps to get you to where you want to go and cheer for you along the way. (Trust me, any opportunity for a celebratory dance party, I take it!)


This program is 100% customized to YOU but here’s a ‘lil sample of what we’ll cover.

  • A clear vision for your future and values. Learn a revolutionary way to set goals that motivate you to get where you want need to be! This system combines my extensive goal setting training with a more meaningful, reflective approach.
  • Mindfulness and showing up as your authentic self. When you're spread so thin it’s hard to stay present. Learn how to enjoy the moment more and make time for what really matters.
  • Enhanced relationships.  Through deeper self-awareness develop stronger communication and connection in ALL the relationships in your life.
  • Rediscover your passion and shift your mindset towards success. No more backseat driving your future. You will have a complete mindset transformation and look at your life and career from a whole new perspective.
  • The art of corporate politics and entrepreneurship.  I’ll share with you EVERYTHING HR hasn’t told you before. From negotiation techniques to how to get promoted, I’ll give you all the insider tips and secrets.
  • Push past blocks and limitations. I’ll help pinpoint obstacles that you might not of even be aware were in your life. Then we’ll work through them so you can take back control and reach that next life level.
  • Good vibes attract more good vibes.  Stop constantly criticizing yourself, or spinning out with anxiety. Learn to congratulate your bad-ass self for all the hard work you do every day and celebrate all the little (and BIG) victories along the way.

By the end of our time together you will go through a total mindset transformation, have crystal clarity on where you want to go in life, and concrete strategies on how to make all of your wildest dreams possible.



What’s Included in Personal Dev + Empowerment?

  • Free Enneagram Assessment - Enneagram is one of the most powerful, and in-depth personality tests out there. It specifically focuses on uncovering your strengths and blindspots for faster transformation!  I'll take the results from your assessment and use it to customize a program that will best serve YOU! ($200 value)
  • ONE - 90 min Deep Dive Call - This call is seriously a game changer. I will have already assessed your Enneagram so we can get straight into the good stuff. ($150 value)
  • A Fully Customized Plan -  After our first call, I’ll structure the rest of our sessions in a way that fully maximizes our time and will be most effective for your working/learning style. I’ll retool the plan as we move forward and adjust along the way. ($1500 value)
  • FIVE - Weekly 45 min Calls - Through self-exploratory work, comfort zone pushing, and concrete, actionable steps, each week we'll make strategic progress towards your goals!  ($2000 value)
  • Weekly Homework - Don’t worry, no long division here. But I will be assigning you weekly work to explore what we talk about on each call on an even deeper, more life-changing level. ($450 value)
  • Unlimited Email Support - I’ll be right by your side to help push you forward and encourage you along the way. I got you boo! (Priceless)

Value: $4,300
Your investment $2,000!



It's time to get out of your comfort zone, quit playing small, and take back the reigns in your life!

You are a rebel soul full of boundless potential and I’m here to help set you FREE!

Let’s get to work!




"Were it not for Kelly, I would not have the job and career I have today..."

“Were it not for Kelly, I would not have the job and career that I have today. She kept both myself and those responsible accountable and moving forward until I had transitioned into the new role I wanted. Most importantly, Kelly helped me to realize how much control I truly have on what happens next in my career. Furthermore, she recommended a clear approach on how to navigate through achieving those goals and changes. I really appreciate the high standard that Kelly sets and her ability to hold everyone involved accountable -- myself included.”  

— Drew Boshardy Engineer at Networked Insights

"Kelly will be your biggest cheerleader and also your most genuine truth." 

“As a mentor and a coach, Kelly has helped me in all aspects of business. From updating resumes and negotiating salaries to identifying what I ultimately want out of a career, Kelly has been an essential part of my development in the workforce. Not only is she driven and organized, qualities necessary for success, but she is also tremendously supportive. Kelly will be your biggest cheerleader and also your most genuine truth - always giving honest feedback in constructive ways. She would be a benefit to anyone's career, I know she will continue to benefit mine for years to come!” 

— Mallory Smith
HR Generalist at Baker Tilly

"Kelly has the ability to help you uncover traits in yourself that you weren't even aware of."

"I always look forward to my conversations with Kelly. She brings a fresh perspective to the table, backed by her years of experience in the corporate HR world. One of the best qualities about Kelly is her ability to help you uncover traits in yourself that you weren't even aware of. Kelly had a huge impact on my career when I was making a recent job transition. She offered great advice and helped me plan for situations and questions I wouldn't normally have thought of. Kelly's support and guidance during the interview process helped me flawlessly land a job that I love! "

— Maggie Johnson Strategic Account Manager at Weight Watchers