The Leadership Impact
3 months to become the leader
who can bring the change you want to see in the world.


Tell me, what would you choose...
     A)  Ordinary Life
     B)  Greatness

Let me guess... B? Did you choose B?



You're one high achieving rockstar, and I don't mean just at work. You kick ass at EVERYTHING you do:  boss, parent, partner, friend, co-worker, know-where-all-the-best-happy-hours-are-expert, no matter what hat you wear you show up and you show up BIG.

But all those roles are starting to wear you out. You give and give and give and at the end of the day there's just not much left you for YOU.

And the thing is, you want to make an even BIGGER impact on the world and the people around you. You’re ready to be a stronger leader and inspire everyone in your life to greatness. 

You want MORE! But your plate is already too full, how could you possibly fit more? You have no idea how to make this happen.


My friend, tell me, does any of the following ring true....

  • You've reached enviable levels of success, but you don't feel successful because you’re not fulfilled by your work.

  • You want to show up BIGGER in every area of your life without feeling burnt out or used. You love the chaos, you just prefer it to be more controlled chaos so you can get into a state of flow.

  • You’re ready to become a better, more efficient leader, but find it hard to trust people to do their work. You’re either micromanaging or stressing, not ideal.

  • You've tried self-development and leadership coaching before, and you’re ready to go deeper. You want a program geared towards the highest achievers.

  • You want to be your best self but still have time and energy to enjoy all your efforts. You want to learn how to relax with intention.


The truth is, great leaders set people up to be their best selves. But to do that for others, you need to do it for yourself first...


I think this quote from Marianne Williamson sums it up nicely...

“And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” - Marianne Williamson



And this is EXACTLY what The Leadership Impact is all about.

In this three month program, we'll work 1:1 to help you reach the balance you desire, uplevel your leadership skills, and become the woman who's ready to take on the world without sacrificing her health and happiness in the process.

There's no need to keep putting MORE on your shoulders; you need to learn how to trust, delegate gracefully, and keep your tank FULL.

After spending 10 years as a leader in human resources I've seen it all when it comes to leadership, executing strategies, and motivating others. I worked tirelessly to bring the best out of every employee. Now I'm ready to spread my knowledge to YOU!


I customize this program to each client but here’s a taste of what you will learn.

  • The importance of celebration + reflection. Without taking the time to recognize little victories the journey will feel much less ‘worth it’. Plus, reflection allows you to uncover all of life’s lessons -- especially when it comes to challenges.

  • How to fuel your awesome. Enrich your life in ways beyond which you imagined possible. Develop a lifestyle that supports you at home, at work, and for all adventures in between!

  • Ways to recommit to self-care. Simplify your life and learn how to take time for YOU without neglecting what’s truly important.

  • Strategies for building a culture of success. Create a ripple effect of empowerment throughout your organization...and the world!

  • How to blast through roadblocks. We all got’em. I’ll help you crush yours and uplevel your life.

  • Techniques for conducting difficult conversations and delivering bad news. I spent 10 years doing just this, I’ll help you learn how to say the right thing for any situation.

  • How to lead from a place of purpose, trust, and crystal clear communication. I can provide leadership insights for every rung on the corporate ladder and even smaller startups or solopreneurs.

  • High level communication skills. No two people communicate the same way! Learn how to ensure your message is AS CLEAR as possible and leaves little room for questions.

  • Mind blowing listening exercises. Most of us only absorb 20% of what people say. I’ll teach you how to not only improve your listening but also ensure you’re being heard!

  • How to be your best self and show up fully in every situation! This is hard when you're spread so thin, but I’ll give you strategies on how to streamline your life and remain present for what matters most!


You were born for greatness. Learn how to harness the power to successfully take on anything and everything that comes your way!



Want the deets? Here ya go!

  • Free Enneagram Assessment - Enneagram is one of the most powerful, and in-depth personality tests I have ever come across. It will uncover more strengths and blocks than 15 years in therapy! (Slight exaggeration) I'll take the results from your assessment and come up with a comprehensive analysis to customize a program that will best serve YOU! ($200 value)

  • ONE - 90 min Deep Dive Call - This call runs deep! Since I will have already assessed your Enneagram, we can just dive right in. Screw small talk, let's get to the good stuff. ($150 value)

  • A Fully Customized Plan - After our first call, I'll structure the rest of our three months together in a way that works best for YOUR empowerment process. Much of this work will be self-driven, but I'll be by your side along the way. ($1500 value)

  • FIVE - 60 min calls - These will be spread out over our 3 months together. We'll go over the work you've been doing and dive deeper into a new topic each call. I'll send you off with actionable goals and exercises to do before our next sesh. ($3000 value)

  • Free Access to Endless Resources - I’ve spent 10 years building and gathering all the best and most impactful resources for personal and career development.

  • Unlimited Email Support - I’ll be right by your side if you need ANYTHING at all. Bail, alibi, a date for a wedding, whatever you need, I’m there. (Ok, I won’t help you with those things, but I will be there for encouragement, support, and more advice than you can stand!) (Priceless)


Let’s do this, you bad ass boss lady!

Your investment  $3,000!
[Value $4,850]


Kelly's deep understanding of the Enneagram has helped me gain so much self-knowledge.

“Kelly has helped me gain so much self-knowledge since we met, primarily through her deep understanding of the Enneagram and her desire to offer custom help to everyone she meets. She's an outstanding coach because she lives her tools, frameworks, and methods. Kelly steps into leadership, lives a higher purpose, and stays positive and in service to others no matter what the world throws at her. 

— Monica Leonelle,

Kelly has proven herself to be an effective leader, no matter the situation.

“I have known Kelly for over a decade now, and she has proven herself to be an effective leader, no matter the situation. She is passionate about everything that she chooses to involve herself in.  All of Kelly's decisions are made with confidence, naturally making her someone that people gravitate towards and are inspired by.”

— Meaghan Ford
Group Manager,
Weber Shandwick

Kelly is an invaluable resource because she guided my discovery of the answers.

“Kelly has been an invaluable resource, not because she solved my problems, but because she guided my discovery of the answers.  She offered validation when needed, and is truly an expert with the “right” way to communicate a complicated message.  She cares greatly for the people she supports and genuinely wants them to succeed.” 

— Nicole Komassa
Vice President,  Networked Insights