My Remote Year Mission: She Hearts the World


Less than 2 months until Remote Year:

I had a mini panic attack yesterday morning when I realized it was June 1st, which means I officially have less than 2 months left in my beautiful city of Chicago before I take off on a yearlong journey across the world with Remote Year. (Check out my itinerary here.) 

My heart is starting to ache quite a bit more than I realized it would just thinking about leaving the city (actually, country 🇺🇸)and people I love, filled with such history, familiarity, and affection.

And while I know my life will be drastically different and completely unfamiliar in just 8 weeks, I find comfort in knowing that this experience will allow me to have a greater impact on the world.

My Mission: She Hearts the World

Expressing love, choosing kindness, and extending appreciation have always been important values of mine and I plan on both deepening and sharing that message as I travel across the globe over the next year.

Paris - May 20, 2017

Paris - May 20, 2017


I'd love your opinion....

I promise to share more details over the next few weeks as I establish the full plan of this project, so for now you'll just have to settle for this little teaser. ;) In the meantime, I would love your help answering the following questions:

1. How would you like me to best share my experience on Remote Year over the next year? Video? Blog? Instagram? Facebook?

2. When you think about gratitude/appreciation on a personal level, what would you be interested in learning from a global perspective? (For example: How do people extend appreciation in other places? Or, how do people receive appreciation in other places? I think most Americans struggle with deeply receiving it...I know I do!)

I will still be heavily focused on continuing to build my coaching business and launching a handful of online training programs, and I’m even more excited to be utilizing my precious time on Remote Year to enhance my impact on the world. I hope you’ll follow along and join me in this adventure.


And I almost forgot, I’ve finally got my hashtag! (Yes, I'm such a Millennial.)
I would love for you to follow my #sheheartstheworld journey! 
Special thanks to my friend Jami Young for wordsmithing this gem!