Remote Year Recap: Month 1-6

RY Month 1 Recap

I started Remote Year with the intention to post regular blog posts highlighting my RY experiences, favorite places, lessons learned, etc. In my head, I imagined this picture-perfect blog filled with breathtaking views and endless wise words — all effortlessly crafted on a weekly basis. 

I quickly realized during Week One of Remote Year the importance of remaining present during this life-changing journey:

"It's a crazy feeling, realizing you've just embarked on this life changing experience — one that feels more powerful than you can possibly wrap your head around. You can see the dots coming into view but the only way to see how they connect is to remain fully present." 

So, I made an commitment to being present with my RY Yugens and blog when it felt right.

But, of course, the over-achiever inside of me couldn't keep quiet because week two rolled around and I pumped [forced] another blog post out. 

And then....?


That's right. Not a single blog post has been posted since August 18, 2017.
That's well over 6 months ago. 

I absolutely love to write. It's such a transformational outlet for me. But I realized when I was "forcing" myself to write, it just wasn't as fun. It also wasn't authentic. 

And FUN and AUTHENTIC are two of my most important values. 

On top of that, I found myself spending way too much time overthinking the whole writing process when I could be using that time to explore my new city or connect with any of the 60 strangers I had just met. 

So...I stopped.

That wasn't my intention. I planned on writing when it felt "right." But I could never find the words to properly articulate all my emotions or the experiences I was having or the views I was seeing.

Since writing wasn't working, I took a shot at creating a [super amateur] video of Croatia from all the footage I had....and turns out I loved it! So I decided to keep creating them for every month. 

My monthly videos are by no means anything fancy. But they allow me to capture the feeling of the month every time I watch them. And I hope you get a little piece of those feelings while watching them too. <3


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