What is your definition of success? Here is my new perspective...


For years, I defined success through my career — how much money I was making, what my title was, how much responsibility I had, etc.

And it wasn't just based on the bar I set for myself; I was also always comparing myself to my friends, family, and peers.

In order to truly have “success,” I needed to stand out from everyone else around me — the youngest person with a senior title; the only female on the leadership team; the top of my compensation range.

But before I could even celebrate hitting a milestone, my subconscious would catapult to the future and substantially expand the scope of what I considered success to be.

I was in a never-ending state of desperately seeking more.

If you are always focused on the future, how can you enjoy the present?
And if you are never satisfied, how can you ever have success?

I eventually realized I needed to reprogram my brain to understand a new definition of success.

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Today, I believe success is all about mindfulness and a continual desire to learn and to grow. It’s about making a conscious decision to try to be fully present each moment throughout the day, whether it is good or bad.

When you show up fully present in life, you give yourself permission to feel all your feelings, which allows your mind to be curious and to explore that moment’s lesson(s), ultimately giving yourself the opportunity to learn and to grow.

Easier said than done, right? That’s the beauty about this definition of success — it’s not about perfection because there’s beauty in the messy.

It’s not about comparison or competition with others because learning and growing are things that only occur when we go inward.

And it’s not black and white because each individual’s experience is unique.

It’s about realizing that life is continually presenting us with invaluable gifts, as long as our eyes are open to discovering them.

When I am living my life in the present, I am satisfied knowing that I am giving myself the opportunity to be better than I was yesterday. 

And to me, that is "success."

Tell me, how do you define success?