Feeling Stuck? Here's How to Breakthrough with Gratitude


A sweet, Sunday night reminder: An attitude of gratitude brings opportunities.

Today, I'm grateful for the beauty of the process.

As someone who is fairly competitive (ok, extremely) AND an overachiever, I pride myself on my ability to "get sh*t done."💁🏼 So, on the rare occasions that I get *stuck* (a word that is seldom part of my vocab), I pretty much turn into a crazy person. #happenstothebestofus

Not being able to finalize something or see the immediate results that I've visualized in my head leaves me feeling frustrated, unfocused, sleepless, overly sensitive, and with a majorly bruised ego.

And just when I'm at the peak of my impatience <<cue ugly crying>> and ready to assume that still being stuck was just the universe's way of telling me to move on, reality smacks me in the head and shouts: "shut the f up already!"

You see, sometimes I forget that the really *big* ideas don't unfold easily -- they take time, listening, and the curiosity to connect the dots.

And when I finally realize I need to s l o w down, quiet my mind, open my eyes and ears, and truly explore...that's when the magic happens!

It all just C L I C K S

This week was a beautiful reminder of that.

And despite the restless nights, overuse of "ugh!" in my vocabulary, and a few triggering conversations, it was all a necessary part of the journey.

If you're reading this and thinking "ohhh girl, been there!" then you know how frustrating it can be! When [I actually realize] I'm stuck on a big idea, I love asking myself the following questions, guaranteed to help me shift back into GSD mode:

  1. What was my motivation when creating this idea? What problem was I trying to solve?
  2. Is that problem appearing here and I'm just not consciously aware of it, therefore leaving me stuck? 
    *For this step, I like to write down all the ways that I'm stuck and then look for a theme. 
    *Most of the time, when I piece together the theme, it ends up relating back to the original problem I was trying to solve. The universe can be tricky like that! ;)  
  3. Am I talking and producing more than I am listening? What questions am I forgetting to ask? How can I slow down?
    *Big ideas happen by listening more than talking. Always
  4. When has this issue appeared in my life before? What other lessons do I need to learn? 
    *I'm a big believer that everything happens for a reason and I absolutely love trying to figure out how everything connects. This last step is usually where the magic happens: Uncovering the hidden messages from my life's journey and using them to make an even bigger impact. 

Give it a shot next time you're stuck and let me know if it helps! I would love to hear what other tips you have to overcome being "stuck." 

I'm buzzing with excitement over what I will be producing, even more so than when I came up with the original idea! I can't wait to share it with y'all, but reminder (mostly to myself) -- it'll take some time. 

If anyone is currently going through a transitional time in their life (new job, promotion, moving, relationship change, turning 30, etc.) and wants to help me test drive a fun new program I'm putting together, give me a shout! 

A sincere amount of love and gratitude to my patient tribe for dealing with my mood swings last week: Jami Young, Audra Baker, Monica Leonelle and to my muses of inspiration this week: Phoenix Muranetz and Lindsay Brelus. #somuchlove