That's What She Said: Here are the Best Quotes from AWC2016

Did you know that I recently went to Bali?

Wait, you did?

Oh, that's right, I've been gushing about it for weeks now! 

Well, believe it or not, the beautiful scenery wasn't the only inspirational part of the trip. And now that I've posted all of my pictures and officially made you jealous of this epic trip, it's only fair that I share with you some nuggets of wisdom....

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the Awakened Woman Conference: 

"Every single woman already has EVERYTHING they need to be powerful - you don't have to wait until you have your shit sorted. You don't need ANYTHING else to cause the IMPACT in the world that you are here to create." ~ Kate O'Brien

"When you commit to unabashedly lighting up the world with your purpose, passion, and truth, you illuminate the path for others to follow." ~ Jami Young

"Our vision requires us to get over ourselves." ~ Alexi Panos

"Everything you need is already here." ~ Alexi Panos

"What you focus on most is what you worship." ~ Kate O'Brien 

"I believe the connection to love is why we're all here." ~ Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram

"In order to appreciate the exquisite, we need to have known the excruciating. In order to rise, we had to have fallen really really hard." ~ Jami Young

"The wound that you heal, can be the medicine that you give to the world." ~ Jami Young

"What makes you feel alive? Because the world really needs you to feel truly alive in the world." ~ Renee Martyna