Alright you fabulous badass, let's maximize your FULL potential. 

Remember when you were little and had dreams of becoming a lawyer, doctor, ballerina, gold-medal olympian, or the next President of the United States?  

No one told you that wasn’t possible. You were encouraged to spread your wings and dream BIG. The bigger the better! Aim for the moon and land in the stars!

Remember that feeling of boundless potential?

So why, when we grow-up, do we play it so small? What’s stopping us from reclaiming that youthful self-confidence and dreaming BIG?

You're still filled with all the potential to do big HUGE stuff in the world. And while you're already “successful” by so many metrics, you find yourself restless, frustrated, out of balance, stretched too thin, and even your trademark ambition has started to fade.

You’re ready to...

  • Make a huge impact in your career, your community, even the world.
  • Find more balance in your life as you rock your mission and work in a field you love.
  • Blast through the blocks and limitations that are holding you back.
  • Grab that next sexy-as-hell promotion or tell that day job boy bye!
  • Feel as happy and satisfied as you know you COULD be. You deserve to be out there enjoying the life you’ve worked so hard to create!

If ANY of this rings true, then you are in the right place.
I'm here to help you completely transform your mindset, build your legacy, become your best self, and play it BIG!

My entire life has been spent helping people perform at their full potential.

Growing up, I spent a lot of my time assisting my older sister. She has special needs but and can do anything she puts her mind to -- sometimes she just needs a little help along the way. Honestly, that’s not that different from any of us. To truly achieve greatness, we all need a team of folks who have our back.

I just really enjoy being that support, it's in my DNA, and it's what first drew me to a career in human resources. Because when each individual’s potential is maximized, the results are passion, power, and success!

I absolutely loved my ten years in HR! I was able to work with a range of companies from small startups to Fortune 500s and help people perform at their highest potential. All the programs I built, whether they were around career development, performance management, internal communications, or recruiting and onboarding – were ALL rooted in encouraging the best from each individual. I excelled in HR and shot up the ranks quickly because honestly, the work came quite naturally. (#humblebrag)

But my life changed when I met my first leadership coach! #myAHAmoment

When I met my first leadership coach I remember saying "Wow, I want to be just like him when I grow up!"

This coach was authentic, real, and kind. And the best part? He gave the most genuine advice and perspective without any agenda. (Plus he took off each summer. Jackpot!)

This was what I wanted to do.
This was what was missing.
This was the authenticity I wanted in my work!

Being in the corporate world and "working for the man" meant my priorities were always: company first, people second.

When people would come to me for advice, I always had to keep the business's best interest in mind, and the words that came out of my mouth weren't always the ones that were running through my mind.

I was ready to...

Make a bigger impact.
Give real. Genuine. Authentic. Advice.
Share the secrets of navigating corporate politics.
Offer clarity and build confidence.
Encourage people to feel empowered!

While I had what I thought was the BEST JOB IN THE WORLD. I realized still wanted MORE. I felt a bit unbalanced, empty.  I had this inkling that I was meant to make a bigger impact and live a fuller life. The problem was, I had no idea what was missing. (Sound familiar?)

Meeting that coach was like WOAH! #lightbulb There it is! THIS is what I want.

So, I quit my job and became a leadership and personal development coach!

I’m sure people must have thought I was crazy to let go of such a lucrative, high profile career, but I knew in my heart that this was the right path.

I wanted to use my problem-solving intuition and my years of experience in the corporate world to AUTHENTICALLY support people on their journey to success. And I especially wanted to do that for women!

Why women? Because as someone raised by an OG girlboss (thanks Mom!) and mentored by powerful women the first half of my career, I’ve always known who run the world (#girls). But when I stepped into my first leadership position, I learned first hand the struggle a woman goes through to have her voice heard and to earn a seat at the table. I had to fight my way into the “Boys Club” and demand the equality I deserved in the corporate world.

I wanted to use this experience to help other women navigate similar challenges and, more importantly, learn the valuable lessons I gleaned from all the powerful women that have influenced my life.  I wanted to empower women to discover and demand what they deserve!

To help further this mission, I became certified in the Enneagram - a very powerful personality tool used to understand self, others, and the environment, and truly enhance your self-awareness. It lets me dig into some deep shit without you having to get super vulnerable or feel like you're on a therapist's couch. Basically, it means BIG transformations FAST because I can tailor goals, steps, and actions to YOUR personality.

I am an expert at asking the right questions to discover the real answers you are looking for. Intuitive wisdom and deep presence enable me to quickly peel back the layers to ignite immediate change for YOU.

I combine this intuition with my 10 years of HR experience in both start-ups AND very corporate environments. This means I know the ins and outs of running a business because I've been behind the scenes, earned a seat at the table in the boardroom, and spent long days building and refining strategies with my fellow leaders. Plus, I'm willing to spill the top secret info that you really want to know about. Like, how to get promoted, what leadership talks about behind closed doors, what to say when you negotiate a salary, or the best techniques to get hired for ANY job.

Through this uniquely intuitive and systemized approach, I'll help you to blast through blocks, prioritize like a boss, crush challenges, and celebrate your badassery.

I'm here to help you to feel empowered to take on the world. Because feeling empowered has a ripple effect. And this world could use plenty more people who aren't afraid to become their best self and pursue their dreams. (amiright?)

Are you ready for this thrilling journey? (You were born ready!)

Let’s do this.