You want it, and you want it now

More responsibilities. More exposure. More balance. More energy. More fulfillment.

Yes. Yes. YES.  YES!  I’ll have what she’s having!

People are always telling you how successful you are! You've been crushing it at life --great job, enviable promotions, full social calendar, killer wardrobe -- but something’s missing.

While you got this “getting shit done” part down, you just can’t shake the feeling that you're meant for something, well, MORE. 

You want to have a greater impact on the world, work more efficiently, reach that next level in your career, motivate your team, enhance your personal relationships, or even just find more balance as you kick ass and take names. You know there's more out there than just (to quote Rihanna) work, work, work, work. WORK. There's passion, fulfillment, and balance!

Are you ready for this next chapter in your NY Times best-selling memoir?

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Hi friend! I'm Kelly. 

I am a Leadership and Personal Development Coach with over 10 years of experience in Human Resources, Leadership, and the Corporate world. I love (understatement of the year) supporting passionate and driven achievers who have an insatiable desire to become their best selves! 

I'm here to empower you to explore your vision of what a truly fulfilled life, business, and career look like, and offer unbeatable strategies to make that dream an immediate and long-term reality. I'll help shift your perspective, offer loads of practical advice, and give you the tools you need to take on the world in a BIG way.

You know you deserve more, and I'm here to help you demand it!

Join me on the ride.


Leadership & Personal Development Coaching

HR Consulting


“If you want to know what you're fully capable of, who you truly are and uncover what's in your heart, you couldn't find anyone better than Kelly to guide you through the journey.  Together, you will realize the person you are meant to be.”